How to Deal with STDs and STIs as a Homosexual

If a man has a cold, his guy partner can catch the virus.

If his guy partner has fleas, he may soon begin to itch.

Naked flesh, hot and sweating in motion, is ideal for the exchange of infections.

In close encounters of the homosexual kind, the human body is highly vulnerable to the transmission of disease.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs and STI) are venereal diseases which occur when you have sexual contact or sexual intercourse with an infected person.

Sexually transmitted diseases spread through transfer of body fluids like semen, and blood.

The act of penetration is ideal for the exchange of infected fluids.

Any disease in the penis is directly “injected” into the anus.

During thrusting, infected fluids in the anus are forced into the meatus.

It is not possible to get precise data because many cases go unreported.

The media concentrate on AIDS, and the community forgets there is a raging epidemic of all other STDs.

When STDs was first diagnosed , certain individuals considered it to be the “wrath of God”.

The disease was seen as a fitting punishment not only for male homosexuals, but for heterosexuals who did not lead monogamous lives.

The barbarism behind this wishful thinking would have wiped out most of the adult population because only one sexual guy partner in life is no longer the norm.

Health professionals hoped the fear of AIDS would encourage all homosexual ly active people to turn to monogamy.

And data from STD clinics show the majority of male homosexuals have.

In spite of fear of AIDS, other STDs remain at epidemic proportions.

It is estimated most adults will get a homosexual infection, other than AIDS, at some life stage.

Silent Reservoirs:

When a man has an STD, he is usually knows he is infected.

He has symptoms of disease soon after catching it.

He can see the chancre (sore) of syphilis on his penis or the drip of pus from gonorrhea.

He can feel the stinging pain of NGU or chlamydia when he urinates.

One survey suggests only 5 percent to 15 percent of men with STD are asymptomatic, have no symptoms at all.

The opposite holds true for guy partner.

Some 50 to 80 percent with gonorrhea or chlamydia are asymptomatic in the early stages of infection; 25 percent with syphilis are unaware because the chancre is hidden from view on the cervix.

By the time they realize some¬thing is wrong, the disease may have caused havoc in their reproductive system.

Until such unlucky guy partner find out they are infected, it is they who act as “silent reservoirs” for the spread of STD.

How to prevent homosexuality diseases.

  • Avoid having multiple sex partners.
  • You never know whether one of your sex partners has STD, and if he does, you will surely end up getting it.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are extremely contagious and even if you are in a monogamous relationship and your partner has STD from a previous relationship, there is 80 to 90 percent chance that you will get infected.
  • Make sure your partner gets treated before having sex with him or her.
  • You can also get sexually transmitted diseases through anal sex, and oral sex.
  • A mother can pass on STD to her child during childbirth if she is infected with STD.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases weaken the immune system and you are susceptible to catch other infections because of this.
  • Bisexual men can contract STDs from their homosexual partner and pass it on to their heterosexual partner.

The orientation of same sex is due to the romantic attraction and sexual affection of men or women.

This also refers the sense of personal and one not behaving like other and in a community who can share them.

This is not type of a medical or psychiatric disorder but this increases the risk of certain medical conditions.

It always remains misunderstood and controversial to most of the people.

Over the past 30 years, the biologic literature and psychiatric on homosexuality has grown rapidly.

The physician are taking the positively effects on the health of gay and lesbian patients by their biological and behavioral perspective.

Physicians provide and tell about the various positions to extra and excellent care to gay and lesbian patients.

People who have Homosexuality behavior always take the advice to your doctor otherwise may be risk and harmful actions you can take.

Through the Get Sex Gyan association you can get various type of knowledge about the homosexuality and their various pros and cons.

Information about Homosexuality is spread widely across the disciplines of general medicine, neuroscience, sociology, psychiatry, psychology, genetics, and anthropology.

Through the online you can get the information as about the past history of gay and lesbian.

Psychology says, people who identify themselves to others, as either heterosexual or homosexual, despite the well-recognized fluidity of human sexual orientation, can be cause of homosexual.

Many people find themselves relatively little preference for one sex over the other, and they identify themselves as bisexual.

Many people who are graduates of sexual orientation are given little importance.

But people who are with same-sex-orientation give main preference to homosexual.

The sex institutions tell the various things about the sex and its orientation and which clearly define and guide about the sex positions without much issues.

With the internet, you also can learn about the Sexual Behavior of humans.

It leads and guides by the various physicians to their entertainers.

Here you people can know about the sexual orientation in behavioral terms, designating women who have sex with women (WSW) and men who have sex with men (MSM).

Under the various circumstances, you should take care about the important factor as STD and CDC currently recommends universal HIV which must do in the age of 13-69 years so that you can take care of your sexually need.

We are doing a disservice to kids because we aren’t teaching them to grow in their beliefs while people around them agree and disagree.

That’s for all kids on all issues.

We are trying to protect them.

We are trying to insulate them.

Like it or not, the internet is the game changer.

People grow up faster.

Information comes quicker.

Kids struggling with if they are or are not homosexual are going to find out what people think.

You can talk to them about it or they’ll find out on their own.

The greatest lesson we can teach kids is reality.

Teach kids that the world is not fair.

How to Have a Fulfilling Sex Life as a Homosexual

There are so many things that make a relationship last long.

And one of those things is great sex. If you thought that you can let the guard down when it comes to getting beneath the sheets as homosexual, you could never be more wrong.

Therefore, it is vital to know the hacks to have a fulfilling sex life as a homosexual.

Lucky for you, this post is all about that.

Being adventurous

Being rigid in any relationship is boring.

Homosexuals, just like everyone, need to spice up things if they would keep coming to bed and go over a steamy sex session.

For this to happen every day, you have to be adventurous and open-minded.

It could be on sex positions or where the action goes down.

Be ready to try things you have never before, but be sure not to go beyond what is comfortable for each one of you.

Being unpredictable makes the sex great and fulfilling.

Having a random sex schedule

Planning when to have sex kills all the fun you should be having.

It is time you give randomness some chance and see how your sex life changes.

Let it be spontaneous when you have sex, and you can be guaranteed of satisfaction.

Living in the spark of the moment without any prior plans will allow you to unleash your sex power and fulfill the needs of each other.

Do not hold back your feelings

Sex is an act of emotions, and it gets better if you let out the feel-good urge inside you.

You should not shy from letting out your passion for whoever you are sleeping with.

Let him know how much you enjoy it when you romp.

This gives you a perfect chance not only to fulfill your sexual desires but also increase your chances for a long-lasting relationship.

If you have to moan with passion to show how much you appreciate the sex, then let it be.

Don’t be in a hurry to settle

It is too soon to tie yourself down to someone who you just met.

That one night sex should not blind you and forget that there is an endless potential outside there.

You do not want to settle with the wrong person because the sex will never be fulfilling.

Take things slowly until you are sure that you have found your perfect partner.

Fall in love first, and then the sex can follow.

With love, you can conquer the rest and every time you have sex it will be like the first ever session: adventurous and juicy all the way.

Keep all the cards on the table

Transparency is not only for straight couples; it is too for you as a homosexual.

For your relationship to thrive and the sex to be satisfactory, you have to keep all cards on the table.

Make your partner know that you can discuss anything.

This will make both of you comfortable around each other.

You will be free to make objections to something you do not like.

The reward you get out of this is all you need from your partner including great sex will be your daily love dose.

Stay attractive

One of the biggest enemies of your homosexual relationship is being complacent with your looks once you find your match.

It gets to a point where you never dress up for anything, and everything becomes casual.

The desire for sex will go down, and your hot sex episodes will be a thing of the past.

You should not let things come to this.

By staying attractive and taking care of your hygiene will guarantee not only fulfilling sex but also a lasting relationship.

Dress accordingly for occasions and keep your partner wanting you every time he sees you.

Do not slip into a comfort zone for you will lose the chance for good sex.

In Conclusion

Without fulfilling sex, a homosexual relationship will fall apart.

You do not want that to happen since you have found a perfect partner and someone you would want to spend your life with.

You should know of ways to keep things interesting so that you never get tired of each other.

Hopefully, this post has been an eye-opener and will rekindle the crazy romps you had when you first met.

Ways to Combat Discrimination against Homophobia

The world, despite how advanced everything is right now, is still reeling in homophobia tendencies.

Even the developed nations where gender diversity should have deep roots, the LGBT community is yet to earn recognition just like everyone else.

Attacks on gays and lesbians are happening left, right and center; and nothing much seems to be done.

In the light of this, the million-dollar question is: what are some of the ways to combat discrimination against homophobia?

Preaching respect for all genders

The world is full of diversity, and that is something everyone appreciates. But when it comes to gender, most of us turn a blind eye to those who are not straight.

This is where the world has been so wrong to an extent that lesbians and gays fear to come out.

The world judges other genders harshly, but there is no justification for that.

It has come a time when everyone, despite their sexual/gender orientation, should be respected.

For those ready to defend the LGBT community, one of the easiest ways to win is by preaching and respecting everyone.

Coming out in numbers

Lesbians and gays are forced to remain silent about who they are.

They are afraid of the victimization and stigmatization that comes with being the other gender.

Staying in the shadow and not coming out emboldens discrimination.

There is no way this battle can be won when those who are supposed to be in the forefront are hiding.

The third gender needs its soldier in numbers.

The world needs to know that there is a group of those who are different and ready to stand up for who they are.

Political goodwill

Everything revolves around politics. In fact, the gay and lesbian subject has been at the center of politics for a long time.

It did not start the other day; it is a subject that has dominated political overtones.

There are some who use the controversy around the matter to ascend into political power, and the cycle never ends.

Being a potent tool, political goodwill can be useful in fighting the scathing discrimination directed towards those of the third gender.

With genuine intentions, politicians and policymakers can help stop the heat and hatred towards the LGBT community.

Educating the masses on sexual diversity

From time immemorial, male and female have been the dominating sexes.

This does not mean that gays and lesbians have not been there throughout history.

However, the environment in yesteryears was so toxic that gays and lesbians would not dare declare their sexual orientation.

If there is one powerful way to end discrimination against gays and lesbians, education is a sure bet.

Letting communities know of sexual diversity and accepting those who are different would go a long way to root out the violence and perceptional judgment towards the LGBT group.

The world needs to know that gays and lesbians have their rights just like everyone and discrimination to them should attract the same condemnation as it would be for those who are straight.

Forming strong LGBT rights groups

There is a score of groups championing for equal and fair treatment for the LGBT group.

However, none of these groupings is strong enough to tame all the negativity towards them.

A strong platform ready to fight any discrimination towards those of other gender would be a wakeup call to everyone.

Just like any other human rights and freedoms are defended with zeal, such a group should go all the way to stand for the rights of this minority group.

A consolidation of all the small groups into one formidable force would help speed changes at local, national and global stages.

Without a strong and unmovable voice for the third gender, those who try will be fighting a lost battle.

The Bottom Line

It is a sad reality to see what some gay and lesbians have to go through all over the world.

The time has come for discrimination to stop and for the LGBT group to get equal treatment just like the two dominant sexes.

No one chooses who they are; it is the doing of nature and one that has to be respected.

This discrimination will end if those of the third gender will come out in numbers and defend their rights.

With the insights in this post, homophobia should be put to rest once and for all.

How to Find a Sexual Partner as a Gay Man

Well, there is no easy way to date.

Not even gay men have it easy; they have to struggle to get sexual partners.

But that does not mean gay men should work so hard to get laid.

This post gives you practical leads on how to find a sexual partner as a gay man.

Be sure of what you want and state it

Do not be shy about what you want.

Go for your target when you see someone you want to be in a relationship with.

While at it, do not be combative but stand your ground and state your intentions.

That does not mean you should ask someone for a date the first time you meet him.

Take your time to know someone and be sure it is what you want.

Look for love in the right places

One reason why you are never lucky in your search for a gay partner is because you are looking at the wrong places.

Your straight friends may be the perfect bunch to hang out with, but you will not get a partner out of there.

Go out of your social circles, meet and make new friends.

You will be surprised how fast your search can come to fruition.

There are online platforms where you can mingle with like-minded people.

Get out of your comfort zone and be a go-getter.

Don’t be too hasty to settle

It is very tempting to want to settle with the nice guys who come your way.

While it may be a good thing for you, do not be in a hurry to settle.

You will get dating fatigue and soon after you will have a dry spell for dates.

Show no desperation in your search for a sexual partner, and it will always be easy for you.

Don’t suppress your emotions

Holding back your feelings means you have to wait longer for love to come knocking your way.

One rule of the thump for gay men is never to hold back your emotions.

If you are in love with someone; let him know.

Great chances for love do not happen every day, and that is why you should pounce on a potential partner whenever and wherever you see one.

Leave room for occasional compromise

You already have the kind of a partner you need in your mind.

What remains is to get out there and find him.

You may be disappointed if it takes longer to meet your perfect match.

In fact, you may never get that perfect person you are looking for.

It is important that you are ready to compromise.

You may not get the ideal partner, but there are gay men out there ready to do all it takes to make you happy.

Do not force relationships

You can tame wild stallions, but not all of them will be worth your effort.

It is the same with a gay relationship.

Some gay men are willing to be with you, but others are not.

Do not force someone to be in love with you. It will backfire, and you will be left hurting.

To save yourself from avoidable heartbreaks, stick with those who want to be with you.

Take it slow with sex

You may want to jump to bed the moment you find a partner who seems to be right for you.

As much as the temptation is too powerful to ignore, it is best if you can wait a little longer.

Let the infatuation get out of your way.

This is how you know if you want to be with him. The suspense before having sex will help you find someone who is genuinely
ready to be with you.

You do not want to leave a trail of gay sexual partners, and none of them was prepared to stay.

This hack should be your guiding principle if you are looking for a long-term gay partner.


Getting a perfect gay sexual partner will not be the easiest thing, but that should not worry you.

As long as you know what you want and where to get it; you will be winning all the way.

Now that you just read the hacks to finding a sexual partner as a gay man; it should be rosy all any time you need someone.