Ways to Combat Discrimination against Homophobia

The world, despite how advanced everything is right now, is still reeling in homophobia tendencies.

Even the developed nations where gender diversity should have deep roots, the LGBT community is yet to earn recognition just like everyone else.

Attacks on gays and lesbians are happening left, right and center; and nothing much seems to be done.

Even the HRC is joining the battle.

In the light of this, the million-dollar question is: what are some of the ways to combat discrimination against homophobia?

Preaching respect for all genders

The world is full of diversity, and that is something everyone appreciates. But when it comes to gender, most of us turn a blind eye to those who are not straight.

This is where the world has been so wrong to an extent that lesbians and gays fear to come out.

The world judges other genders harshly, but there is no justification for that.

It has come a time when everyone, despite their sexual/gender orientation, should be respected.

For those ready to defend the LGBT community, one of the easiest ways to win is by preaching and respecting everyone.

Coming out in numbers

Lesbians and gays are forced to remain silent about who they are.

They are afraid of the victimization and stigmatization that comes with being the other gender.

Staying in the shadow and not coming out emboldens discrimination.

There is no way this battle can be won when those who are supposed to be in the forefront are hiding.

The third gender needs its soldier in numbers.

The world needs to know that there is a group of those who are different and ready to stand up for who they are.

Political goodwill

Everything revolves around politics. In fact, the gay and lesbian subject has been at the center of politics for a long time.

It did not start the other day; it is a subject that has dominated political overtones.

There are some who use the controversy around the matter to ascend into political power, and the cycle never ends.

Being a potent tool, political goodwill can be useful in fighting the scathing discrimination directed towards those of the third gender.

With genuine intentions, politicians and policymakers can help stop the heat and hatred towards the LGBT community.

Educating the masses on sexual diversity

From time immemorial, male and female have been the dominating sexes.

This does not mean that gays and lesbians have not been there throughout history.

However, the environment in yesteryears was so toxic that gays and lesbians would not dare declare their sexual orientation.

If there is one powerful way to end discrimination against gays and lesbians, education is a sure bet.

Letting communities know of sexual diversity and accepting those who are different would go a long way to root out the violence and perceptional judgment towards the LGBT group.

The world needs to know that gays and lesbians have their rights just like everyone and discrimination to them should attract the same condemnation as it would be for those who are straight.

Forming strong LGBT rights groups

There is a score of groups championing for equal and fair treatment for the LGBT group.

However, none of these groupings is strong enough to tame all the negativity towards them.

A strong platform ready to fight any discrimination towards those of other gender would be a wakeup call to everyone.

Just like any other human rights and freedoms are defended with zeal, such a group should go all the way to stand for the rights of this minority group.

A consolidation of all the small groups into one formidable force would help speed changes at local, national and global stages.

Without a strong and unmovable voice for the third gender, those who try will be fighting a lost battle.

The Bottom Line

It is a sad reality to see what some gay and lesbians have to go through all over the world.

The time has come for discrimination to stop and for the LGBT group to get equal treatment just like the two dominant sexes.

No one chooses who they are; it is the doing of nature and one that has to be respected.

This discrimination will end if those of the third gender will come out in numbers and defend their rights.

With the insights in this post, homophobia should be put to rest once and for all.