How to Come Out of the Closet – Revealing Your Homosexuality

So you’ve realized and accepted that you’re a gay, lesbian or bisexual, and now you decide to come out of the closet and reveal your homosexuality to everyone.

You might want to confine in a few people to think about if you are doing it right.

This guide will show you 6 simple steps to help pull yourself out in a relatively painless fashion.

1. Realize that you’ve made a brave decision

By deciding to come out, you should think that you are a brave person and will become much happier in the future than if you try to hide it.

There is nothing more important than staying positive and proud about your sexuality.

So before you expect other people to think positively, it’s essential to learn how to accept yourself.
If you aren’t comfortable with homosexuality or public disclosure, think about that issue thoroughly.

Not everyone can let go of old-fashioned prejudices easily, but if you decide to come out and become a visible part of the community, you are making a huge difference in allowing social acceptance and change.

Though other people might initially feel awkward or uncomfortable, the most authentic and happiest life only happens when you are open with everyone around you.

2. Be well-prepared

Before opening up, make sure to consider your community, colleagues, friends, and family.

Do you see any signs of homophobic feelings in these people?

Many religions don’t accept homosexuality, so you should be careful to talk with those religious people who promote intolerance.

Keep in mind that it might take time for other people to accept it, just like you did.

Therefore, make sure the first people should be supportive and positive.

It might be helpful if you come out or talk to anybody that you know are homosexual.

If your parents are not open-minded about this issue, keep in mind that they come from another generation.

Also, be prepared for all possible questions that they would ask.

If you think that would be outlawed or disowned after coming out, it is advisable to wait till you are independent and safe before coming out of the closet.

3. Select the first person to come out

The best person to come out for the first time should be someone who would support you, such as a relative or a close friend.

It is a good idea to discuss your sexuality with the closest people before making it known.

Avoid ambushing them, or they might feel confused or angry.

Instead, it’s better to tell them that you want to tell them something very important that you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Explain that you’ve realized that you feel different from other people and don’t know why.

By doing this, they might understand that you are trying to figure something out before telling other people.

4. Start telling other people

Once you’ve felt more confident about your identity, it’s time to come out to other casual friends.

Keep in mind that that it isn’t necessary to tell everyone at once because everybody will react differently.

Instead, it’s better to talk to each person separately when you have sufficient time and privacy to discuss.

As said earlier, if you think that would be outlawed or disowned after coming out, it is advisable to wait till you are independent and safe before coming out of the closet.

If you feel comfortable with telling casual acquaintances, the sooner is often the better.

5. Choose the right method to come out

In most cases, it is often better to come out during a serious face-to-face talk and or mentioned it naturally.

If you hope to make the conversation determined, just breathe deeply and say it.

You can practice it first if needed, but make sure to say what you want in a forthright and direct way.

If you do not want to see it as a big deal, consider interjecting it during the conversation.

If you are not serious about what you are saying, people will feel more relaxed.

In other words, there will be no big overreaction that you might fear after you reveal your sexual orientation.

6. Always be wise

Depending on the environment, you might face various extremes of anger and rejection.

That’s why it is essential that you are well-prepared for possibly hard times.

Always make sure that you feel ready and safe before taking the leap.

The entire community does not need to know if you are not comfortable in coming out, and are independent and safe enough to do so.