Penis Extenders: A Way to Increase Penis Size When You’re Homosexual

There are so many things that make a relationship last long.

And one of those things is great sex. If you thought that you can let the guard down when it comes to getting beneath the sheets as homosexual, you could never be more wrong.

Therefore, it is vital to know the hacks to have a fulfilling sex life as a homosexual.

One of them is to use a penis extender.

All about the penis extenders for penile sex.

Lucky for you, this post is all about that.

penis extender metal rods for the penile organ

Increase Your Penis Size with the Penis Extender

If you’re looking to have a great sex life, you have to start with yourself.

You can max out your sex life with techniques like jelqing and penis pumps, but a personal favorite of mine is to use a penis extender.

They range from cheap to expensive, so just pick the one that works for you.

They are also known as penile extenders, for your information.

Additionally, you could do penis exercises, but I’m lazy, so I’d rather just let the penis stretcher do all the work for me.

I prefer the PhalloGauge extender which you can pick up at:

Being adventurous

Being rigid in any relationship is boring.

Homosexuals, just like everyone, need to spice up things if they would keep coming to bed and go over a steamy sex session.

The best way to do this is with a penis extender for your penis.

For this to happen every day, you have to be adventurous and open-minded.

It could be on sex positions or where the action goes down – or it could be with a penis extender.

Be ready to try things you have never before, but be sure not to go beyond what is comfortable for each one of you.

Being a master with a penis extender and unpredictable makes the sex great and fulfilling.

Having a random sex schedule

Planning when to have sex kills all the fun you should be having.

It is time you give randomness some chance and see how your sex life changes.

Let it be spontaneous when you have sex, and you can be guaranteed of satisfaction – a penis extender can do that.

Living in the spark of the moment without any prior plans will allow you to unleash your penis extender sex power and fulfill the needs of each other.

Do not hold back your feelings

Sex is an act of emotions, and it gets better if you let out the feel-good urge inside you with a penis extender.

You should not shy from letting out your passion for whoever you are sleeping with.

Let him know how much you enjoy the penis extender when you romp.

This gives you a perfect chance not only to fulfill your sexual desires but also increase your chances for a long-lasting relationship.

If you have to moan with passion to show how much you appreciate the penis extender sex, then let it be.

Don’t be in a hurry to settle

It is too soon to tie yourself down to someone who you just met.

That one night sex should not blind you and forget that there is an endless potential outside there.

You do not want to settle with the wrong person because the penis extender sex will never be fulfilling.

Take things slowly until you are sure that you have found your perfect partner.

Fall in love first, and then the penis extender sex can follow.

With love, you can conquer the rest and every time you have sex with a penis extender, it will be like the first ever session: adventurous and juicy all the way.

Keep all the cards on the table

Transparency is not only for straight couples; it is too for you as a homosexual.

For your relationship to thrive and the penis extender sex to be satisfactory, you have to keep all cards on the table.

Make your partner know that you can discuss anything.

This will make both of you comfortable around each other.

You will be free to make objections to something you do not like.

The reward you get out of this is all you need from your partner including great sex will be your daily love dose.

man that sits and wears a penis extender as prescribed by his penile extender doctor

Stay attractive

One of the biggest enemies of your homosexual relationship is being complacent with your looks once you find your match.

With a penis extender, it gets to a point where you never dress up for anything, and everything becomes casual.

The desire for sex will go down, and your hot sex episodes will be a thing of the past.

You should not let things come to this.

By staying attractive and taking care of your hygiene will guarantee not only fulfilling sex but also a lasting relationship.

Dress accordingly for occasions and keep your partner wanting you every time he sees you.

Do not slip into a comfort zone for you will lose the chance for good sex.

Vacuum Condom Penile Sizes

It comes if 3 different condom sizes – small, medium, and large.

Ideally, you find the correct size and use it forever.

For example, I chose a “medium” because “small” was way too tight on my shaft and it was painful.

One problem I soon found, is that you might actually fit between sizes.

For example, I fit between a small and a medium vacuum condom size.

As a result, the extender kept slipping off.

Hopefully you’re luckier than I am and you’ll fit perfectly into one of the condom sizes.

They have been clinically proven to work and because all men are the same, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you as well.

PhalloSan Extender Price

Phallosan is well over $300. Yikes.

And that doesn’t even include shipping costs (which are also high because they ship from Switzerland.

Given the issues I ran into (and that you might also have), it is hard to truly recommend this extender.

#3. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is actually not that bad.

In fact, it’s probably the best one out of the old-fashioned extenders.

One thing we will say is that the noose system is probably the most comfortable out of the rod extenders.

The $200+ price point is a bit tough though.

Extender Parts and Material Quality

SizeGenetics is made out of a quality steel for the rods.

The white plasic parts that make up the frame of the extender are decent. The springs are also good quality.

Like all springs, they will eventually wear out so a replacement may be required.

dr jeff ferrara, a penis extender medical doctor expert that uses penile extenders for his patients

Another issue is the fact that so many parts are used and the rod-based system is really complicated.

This is because the PhalloGauge consists of only two main parts of that take less than 30 seconds to put on and take off combined.

PhalloGauge was ONLY invented BECAUSE we were not happy with the other extenders out there.

Some of these points are as follows:

The extender device needs to be completely invisible so that it can be used all day, in public.

The penis extender needs to be worn for about 6 hours a day.

In Conclusion

Without fulfilling sex, a homosexual relationship will fall apart.

You do not want that to happen since you have found a perfect partner and someone you would want to spend your life with.

You should know of ways to keep things interesting so that you never get tired of each other.

Hopefully, this post has been an eye-opener and will rekindle the crazy romps you had when you first met.