What is a Transsexual? The Full Guide

What is a Transsexual? The Full Guide

The term transsexual and transgender are used interchangeably to refer to the same thing.

Many people who identify themselves as straight tend to struggle to understand exactly what it means when someone refers to themselves as transsexual.

In simple terms, a transsexual is a person who does not regard themselves either as male or female going by the sexual organ they were born with but instead goes by the identity of male or female by his own choosing.

In this case, a person born as a boy can change and adopt a female identity, to become a transsexual woman.

As more people come out as transsexual, it is important to understand not only the definition of what a transsexual is but to also understand what it means to live as one.

Being transgender goes beyond one’s sexual preferences.

You may find a transsexual man who prefers to have relations with women or another transsexual man who prefers to have relations with men.

Why more people prefer to identify as Transgender as opposed to Transsexuals

The term transsexual focuses more on the sexual organ and other outer appearances such as their way of dressing and the presence or absence of breasts, for instance.

Here, you are not fully considered a transsexual until you have had gender reassignment surgery or are taking hormones to look more like your chosen gender.

On the other hand, one can call themselves a transgender without having taken hormones to help them look more like their preferred gender identity.

While, some people refer to themselves as gender non-conforming, genderqueer, agender, and gender non-binary, others refer to themselves as transgender or transsexual the main determining factor in each identity is how one sees themselves.

Having been born with a particular sexual organ is viewed here as limiting and many who refuse to be somewhat boxed into accepting to be called male or female choose to follow their feelings, or belief that they instead belong to the opposite gender or no gender at all.

How important is gender identity for a transsexual?

It all starts with a personal decision.

This decision may be influenced by certain factors such as conviction, family, hormonal composition, and the society among other factors.

For many, coming out as transsexual can be a very confusing time that is marred by numerous challenges.

Challenges such as depression suicidal thoughts, rejection by family and friends, violence, stigma, among other issues.

However, more transsexuals are boldly coming out in support of their own and this has ultimately had a huge impact in helping more people to come out and to find support systems.

Some people who are still struggling to find where they fit in regard to identity may one day refer to themselves as transsexual only to later change and identify themselves as gender non-binary, gender queer or something else.

This is perfectly normal as it is considered an important route towards finding one’s self.

What is the right way of referring to a transsexual person?

Many transsexuals find it offensive for someone to refer to them as he or she without considering their preferred identity.

But to be fair, there’s no clear way of referring to a transgender person as one would a male or a female person.

However, it is wise and polite for you to first ask what gender a transsexual person prefers.

This way you can hold normal conversations without offending anyone or referring to a person who identifies as she, by calling them he.

Another risky but possible way of identifying whether a transsexual person is to be referred to either as she, he, his or hers is by looking at how they present themselves publicly.

If they put on makeup, paint their nails, wear wigs or high heels then you can call the transsexual person she.

Note that this is a risky and unreliable way to identify a transsexual person.

There are gay men who wear heels and put on makeup and are often called cross-dressers.

It is better to take the sure and safer route of seeking confirmation from a transsexual by asking what their identity is.

Did you know that the first gender reassignment surgery was performed back in 1882?
Lili, an experienced model, and artist had the procedure done to become a transsexual woman.

On the other hand, Joseph Lobdell born in 1829 was known as the first transsexual man.

Lili and the Joseph are the first documented people to be referred to as transsexual or transgender in America.

Now there are a recorded 1.4 million people in America alone who identify as transsexual or transgender who are part of a larger 9 million people who fall under different categories in the LGBTQ tag.